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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you wear to Curl?

  • Dress in layers, wear stretchy pants like leggings or joggers that you can easily bend, squat, and lunge in. Also wear clean shoes, sneakers not boots or dress shoes.


How long is a learn to curl?

  • Two of the best hours of your life!


Can we drink on the ice?

  • No, drinks or beverages are allowed on the ice in order to maintain ice quality. The DMCC reserves the right to deny curling prelates to anyone who arrives inebriated.


Why are there age restrictions?

  • At this time we do not have the equipment (lighter stones, smaller sliders) or the ice time to accommodate younger curlers. This is something we hope to be able to provide in the future! Currently we allow youth curlers 16 years and older to register for fall, winter, and spring leagues and 14 and 15 year olds to register for spring leagues provided they are accompanied by someone 18 or older on the ice or at the RecPlex. Once a 14 or 15 year old has participated in a spring league they can register for fall and winter leagues with an endorsment from an 18 year old or older club member.


Is there any special equipment?  Do I have to know how to skate?   

  • No special equipment is necessary and Curlers actually don’t skate, they slide on special shoes! We have sliders and brooms waiting for you just show up in clean sneakers ready to have a good time!


I have a knee/back or other injury or am in a wheelchair.  Can I still Curl?

  • Yes! We have a stick you can use to throw the stone and encourage all ages and abilities to come out and give it a try!


Do you have curling year round?

  • Good ice quality greatly improves the enjoyment in curling and success of throwing stones.  It is too warm in summer and spring months to have safe and enjoyable ice conditions for curling.  At this time we can only offer curling in the fall and Winter.


How do I join a league?

How many weeks is Fall or Winter league?

  • Fall leagues usually start in October and runs for 8 weeks. Winter league starts in January and also runs for 8 weeks, usually taking one week off for super bowl Sunday in February if we are curling on Sundays.  Day of the week that we curl and time that we curl may vary depending on ice time availability.


Can I host a private event?

  • Yes, we would love to host your next team building event or party.  We recommend a ratio of 8 people per sheet of ice. The cost is:

    • 2 sheets of ice and up to 20 people for $750

    • 3 sheets of ice and up to 28 people for $850

    • 4 sheets of ice and up to 36 people for $950

    • 5 sheets of ice and up to 46 people for $1050. 

       That includes all the equipment, 2 hours of ice time, and instruction.  We do have an age minimum of 16 years old.  For more information,        email


I read that you are a non profit run by volunteers.  The curling community is so fun, how can I volunteer and get involved more?

  • There are many ways to volunteer with DMCC. From showing up early to help set up for curling (walking the rocks, pebbling, setting the hacks, getting out equipment) to assisting in teaching other at a learn to curl or corporate event.  Email to get put on our volunteer list!

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